Thursday, August 11

♥ BabyE's house warming partay

I know i've done my July post but here's another post for July :p

Last day of July
Emily's house warming partayyyy!
Some of my primary schoolmates are attending so I caught this opportunity to do some catching up with them :D
I always missed our gathering .__.

E's brand new room.
Her eldest sis's room.
Purple colour as theme.
I love it! :O
Her third sis's wardrobe.
Big daoooooo .__.
Nahh not much of the house's pict.
All i can say is it is HUGE!
After SPM all of us gonna have a sleepover at her house hehehe :p

Ok, some random picts shown here :)
w/ JessieNg
w/ EmilyNgHello this cute guy!
He was a very very very shy & quite guy during primary.
And not to forget he was our class heartthrob hahaha :$
But now... idk how to describe his insanity -.-

w/ XuanNing
w/ YongQun
My new best friend :D
Primary schoolmates are loved ♥
w/ AhHeng
w/ SuoJian
w/ YiMing
w/ XinYee
w/ Ailynder
w/ Joyee
Primary bestie! ♥
12am+ home sweet home :)
Great night with you guys xoxo ♥

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