Thursday, December 24

♥ 7A's On My Result Paper

7A's 1B

B For Chinese .

WTF ==

Nvm , I'm Still Satisfied With My Greds =)

At Least I Prove Myself To SOMEBODY

Nenenibubu ;P

Say Anything You Want Abt Me .


Btw , Im Gonna Get My W705 & Sony VAOI CW Series Soon =D

Thanks To My Beloved Dad & Mum .

After Taking My Results , When To Hv Lunch Wif Them .

Dear Qian , Dear HJ , JM , HX , Hwa EE & Ron

Long Time Din Meet Up With Them .

But Still , We Had A Fun Time Together x)

Love Em' Lots !

Today's Christmas Eve .

Hubby & I Stayed At Home -,-

Coz His Bro Need To Use The Car .

So , I Punished Hubby To Buy Me Loads Of Chocolate For My X-mas Present xD

Hohoho , Merry Christmas Evryone ! =D