Tuesday, July 6

♥ Karnival Hari Terbuka

It's finally time to update my blog .

I was suppose to update it on Sunday but Ms Lee didn't send me the photos yet .

Until now also I haven't get those photos ==

So , I decided to stop waiting for her photos and came here to blog .
Sorry to keep you guys waiting , teehee :D

02/07Went to tuition as usual .

After tuition , Hubby came to fetch me for dinner .

But before that , he kept me waitin for an hour !

Urgh -,-

Anyway , we went to a food court nearby my house to have our dinner .

Frien Kuey Teow & Chicken Wings again .

Yummy ~ :P

10pm , home sweet home .

Just in time to see Brasil lose to Holland :'(

Two pics to offer XD

03/07Today's our school's Carnival Open Day !

Meaning parents are gonna come to take report cards !

Early in da morning .

A silly picture took by Ms Lee .

Mr Bobo

Nor ~ my marks :(English less 1 mark A+ eh !!

So geng leh ;)

That idiot teacher don't want to give me that 1 teeny weeny mark :@

Physics & Add Maths FAIL ! :D

I'm not sad because many people in my class failed these both subjects too .

It was just to hard to understand it !!

Anyway , I'll start studying now to achieve a better results next semester :)

Wait for me guys ! :D

Then then , met Rozanne Goh !She's sooooooooooooo cute !!!

I wish she was my daughter :(

Not many pics .

All the pics with Ms Lee .

Blame her blame her !

After the carnival finish , Hubby came to fetch me .

Slept in the car all the way .

When I woke up , he bought me KFC instead of Pizza Hut !

Urghhhh ! I told him I wanted to eat Pizza but he bought me this !
Every week also eat this , sien mm sien oh dear ==

Btw , bought these muffins from the carnival .Decorated by meeee specially for Hubbyyyy <3

Btw , the nicest one isn't made by me --


It's my first time mah :(

Cloud Ng says Hubby is thinking what are the consequences after eating it .

Cloud , You're so lame ! :@

Ok , pics .

Handicap couple XD

Hubby's birthday is coming .

Planned everything perfectly but now it's all gone wrong !

Mummy can't search for the present that I wanted to buy for Hubby .

And I can't search for the perfect cheese cake for him too .

How how how ?

Who can bake me a nice cheese cake ?

Who can help me find Winnie the Pooh's bedsheets & quilt ?

Anyone ?

Awww ~ I'm such a failure :(

I really do wanna give him a surprise & an unforgetable 20th birthday .

Hope everything would be fine and I can get the things I want .