Tuesday, April 5

♥ Happy Birthday SinGege

29/03 Angel called me out to celebrate Sin's birthday. An opportunity to hang out with my friends, why not ? :)
Went to buy his birthday present before heading to Angel's house.

What's his present ?

His birthday cake :)

Angel's house.

9pm, Sin came to pick us up.

Decided to go to Feeling Cafe.

Chit-chatted a lot.

Don't blame us, it's been a few months since we've all come out to chill & gossip :p

After finishing our meal, cake cutting ceremony.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to SinGege :D

11pm, home sweet home.


April Fools Day!! ;)

Went for a movie with Cat Len & Kang at WWM.

Men Suddenly In Love
2 stars ? -.-

This movie freakin's sucks!

Pointless & not funny at all.

Wasting my time, energy & money.

Ughh -.-

Anyway, later that night I was feeling hungry, bored & depress.

So, dated a friend out for a tea session.


我的初恋情人咯 :p

所谓再见亦是朋友嘛 heehee

3am+ , home sweet home.