Thursday, October 29

♥ Happy Birthday BouBui YY

Went To Sunway Today .

Qstar , Wudu , Caby & Annie Were All Thr .

Of Coz , Our Bday Girl YY Is Thr Too x)

We Reach Thr About 12pm .

Started To Play In The Amusement Park .

At Thr We Finally Know The Meaning Of 共患难姐妹 xD

All The Rides Was So Scary ==

Me & Annie Shout Through Our Lungs .

Later , We Went To The Wet Park .

Quite Fun We Have Thr =)

At 4pm We Started To Bath & Pack Our Things .

At 5pm , Sunway Pyramid .

We Went To Gasoline For An Early Dinner .

All Of Us Were Like Hungry Ghost ==

Went To Take A Cab At 6.30 .

At Last , YY Went The Curve To Meet Her Bii .

Annie & Caby Went Home .

Whereas Me , Qstar & Wudu Went To Prima House Cafe .

9.30pm , Home Sweet Home .

Pics For The Day .

** Used 3 Hours To Upload These Pic ==

Thursday, October 22

♥ 烦恼的事情真多

第一件要烦的是关到我未来的事情 xD


本来打算选Pure Science

可是不想读Physics ><


Account就是我最恨的科目 ==



不想跟一班陌生人同班 xD



希望是我想太多吧 ><

Monday, October 19

♥ 19.10

Today Went To TS Wif Hubby .

Those Pictures Took Before I Went Out .

Hubby Arrived My Hse At 10++

I Made Him Wait Quite Long xD

We Went To TS At 11++

We Went To Eat At The Foodcourt Thr .

Later , We Wanted To See Movies .

But Hubby Said He Want To Sing K .

So We Went To Neway .

They Said 2.15 Only Got Room .

So , We Spent Those 1 and a Half Hour Hours Shopping .

I Bought A Pair Of SunGlasses , EyeLiner & A Pair Of Shoes .

Happy Enuf For Me =)

2.15pm , Back To Neway .

Sing Sing Sing & Sing Until I Went Home xD

Here's Some Pics We Took ^^

News News News !

My Old Msn Hotmail Can't Use Edy .

Feel Free To Add My New Hotmail >

Friday, October 16

♥ 16.10

今天跟宝贝ωυđυ去Prima喝茶 =)

我们去House Cafe吃东西。

跟我很好的人应该知道我为什么去那边吧 x)




而且是在IMP剪哦 x)


HoHo xD



在这里镇重跟她说声抱歉 xD

Tuesday, October 13

♥ A Crazy Night With Dearsss    

Today Is The Last Day Of PMR .

Wuhoo !! xD

KeTing Decided That 5 Of Us Go For Steamboat .

But Caby Was Not Able To Make It .

So At 7pm Went To Cut Hair With KeTing 1st .

At IMP .

Finally Get To Meet MR.J x)

We Waited For That Snail XianLi Until 8pm .

Then I Decided To Go Little Tree Hv Our Dinner .

Keep 38 At Thr .

Laugh Laugh & Laugh Like Siao Po ==

After That , We Went Cola Club Yam Cha-ing .

And Then Hor , Something Make Me So Nervous .

Mr.J Say Want Cum Find Me Yam Cha .

Gia Gia ==

At 1st I Thought Onli He & 3 or 4 Friends .

At Last Whole Bunch Of IMP Ppl Cum ==

Then Hor , He Cum Chat With Me .

Omg == He So Damn 斯文

Like炎亚伦 xD

10.30pm - Home Sweet Home .

Some Pics We Took Today .

Dun Be Shock With My MakeUp-Free Face ==

Friday, October 9

♥ Exam Is Tiring

At Last I Hv Time To Come And Update My Blog .

Today's Exam Ended At 9.30am .

So I'm Here Now =)

The 1st Paper Was BM .

Paper 1 Was So Hard ==

2nd Paper Was English .

My Best Subject ;D

Hope To Get An A For It .

Science Was Quite Easy In Paper 1 But Not 2 ==

And Today Is Geografi .

I Hv A Lot Of Confident To Get An A On It But Not Now .

Seems Like I Hv Many Wrongs ><

Hope Luck Will Be On My Side .

I Reli Work Hard On This Paper .

And Also Want Say Thx To Hubby .

He Keep Encourage Me To Work Hard .

And Cheer Me Up Because Im Sick During I Hv The Exam ==

Ok , Need To Go Study On My Sejarah .


Sunday, October 4

♥ Stop Operating

My Blog Will Be Stop Operating Due To My PMR Examination .

I Will Be Back Next Tuesday .

So Remember To Miss Me Guys ;D

Ciaoz ♥