Sunday, May 2

♥ An Unpleasant Labour Day

01/05Out with Hubby .

Well , Hubby bang on someone's car while on the way to pick me up .

So he need to compensate her RM350 !

Make me so darn pekchek o0o

But luckily Hubby 好无损伤 :)

He's on phone with that Si8Po ==!

After dealing with all the matters , we headed to TS .

We was caught in a traffic jam for 1hour ==

Then we was looking for parking for half an hour .

What a bummer !

Found a restaurant for our lunch .

But it was fulled ==!

Grrrrr !

At last we had our lunch at MaryBrown .

No next time !

Awful service o0o

Then more awful thing happened .

Had a very big fight with Hubby .

Big daoooooo 不堪设想 ==

Don't feel like talking bout it anymore !

Night , dinner with family to celebrate mum's birthday which is tomorrow .

Went to The Gardens Redbox to celebrate mum's birthday .

Never took any pic .


Love ya always <3