Thursday, November 18

♥ Life goes on as usual


Midnight tea session with the gang again :P

Lj's face o0o


Beer time @Hero Cafe

But wo hen guai de , green tea only :D


Went out with my girls .

AhLi & AhCat <3

Camwhore camwhore !

We went to WangsaWalk for a movie .

You'll never guess what movie we watched .

The Child's Eye !!This is the 2nd ghost movie i ever watch in my whole life .


3 of us shouted like no one's businesses .

But it's nice though :)

After movie , A&W .

Wo hen paiseh de :$

The only picture we took .

The others deleted by TamPuiKang o0o

kexi kexi

After that , WilberHo came to fetch me to Sri Gombak .

While waiting for the others , we went to OldTown first .

After everyone reached , Greenbox ! :D

Random pictures shown .

Sei fei hai

Phone phone <3

AhSin gorgor



11pm+ home sweet home <3