Friday, July 1

♥ Aussie Trip II

I'm here to update my 2nd post about my Aussie trip :)
Sorry it took sucha long time, blogger got prob la!

Okay back to topic.

5th of June
Favourite part of my trip!
Went to Mount Buller.
Snowwwww ♥

For people like us who live in Malaysia, it's quite excited when we saw it lol
"Omgosh i finally can see how real snow looks like!" that kind of feeling hahah
Btw, it was -2 degree there -.-


After playing in the snow, a hot bath is a must! :p
6th of June
Early the next morning, our car became like this hahah
The sweet old couple :D
Snow angel hahah
Angie the snowman! :p
That's what Isabel calls him or her? :S
That afternoon, off to Healesville.
Went to visit the wild life there :)
Sohem koala sleeping -.-
To sum up, BORING!

7th of June
Went for a train ride.
Puffing Billy! *chut chut chut*

Aunt & Uncle :)
We wanted to go to the lake side for duck feeding, but then it was raining.
What a bummer :S

Anyway, we went to Philip Island.
Idk what is this, cow?
Amaze n' Things.
All about physics concept inside lol
This is how i look when i fall from a 3 storey high slide :)
Near evening, went to Penguin Island to watch the penguin.Waiting for the penguin to swim up shore after a long day playing inside the sea.
No photography are allowed tsk :

8th of June
Byebye Aussie TT

Btw, these are the things i bought there.
A t-shirt & a necklace :)