Monday, December 27

♥ Karaoke with JessieNg


myB come find me during the night :D

I'm hungry so we went to have supper .

Backache !!

It's so painful i can't even sit up straight .

Lie on bed for a few hours also no help at all -,-

So myB flew down from Klang to bring this gel for me .
He still said that he's sorry for coming down so late .

B don't stupid ! Ni lai le jiu hao :)

ily <3

Then we went for tea session with the others .

myB came to find me again for some particular reason .
We argued and he purposely came down to apologise .

Gosh !! Don't always make me so gamdong ke yi ma ? -,-

After everything gaodim , supper !! :D

NgYeeChang yao yang fei wo liaooooo !


Went to WWM for a movie with the family .

Before that , went to find my bestie Angel @Tropicana Life
Louis Chan

Karaoke with JessieNg @Neway

Less talk , many pictures to show :)

Then walk walk shop shop .

Bought a jacket , a shirt & i forgotten liao -,-

Many things jiu dui liao la hahaha

And i saw a pig @Sg Wang

Nor , itu AngellaNg lor ! :P

Then went to have our dinner @U Village

After dinner , we went to Pavilion to take a look of their christmas deco there .

Many pictures we took lol

9pm , myB came so i acc him to have his dinner :)

Then he fetched me home .

After bathing and bla bla bla , came out again :D

myB dapao-ed taiwan sausages for me !! <3

2am+ home sweet home .