Friday, August 7

♥ I Will Never Forgive You

I Won't Forgive Her - Lee Hsian Li

We Actually Plan To Go Pizza Hut To Have Our Lunch Today After School .

Me Caby Qstar XianLi Annie Tingz & Yee .

I'm So Looking Forward To It .

But Because She Put Us Aeroplane Made Us All No Mood Go Eat Edy ==

Because We Can't Live Without Her ! xD

So The Rest Of Us Decided To Have Our Lunch Nearby Our Skul .

Char Kuey Teow ==

So "Jit Dor" Hor ~

From Pizza Becum Char Kuey Teow xDD

Blame Her ><

And You All Must Be Weird .

Today Is Friday Why I Din't Go Find My Hubby .

Cause That Sui Lou Started Work Jor Larh xD

This Whole Week Can't Meet Him T_T

Sooooo Miss Him .
Yeah Right !

This Is The Picture Of The Camera I Want To Buy .

Finally Got It's Picture From aLi .

Nice Hor ? x)