Saturday, September 4

♥ National Day


Our country's birthday .

It's not a special day for me but it's a public holiday so decided to go dating with my Hubby :)

The same routine - after ready camwhored !You can see how long my fringe is .

So decided to find Kee to have a hair cut again .

But he was not there yet .

So me & Hubby went somewhere nearby for breakfast .Waaaa ~ Har Mee oh ^^

After my breakfast , hair cut !

Oh , Hubby wanted to cut his hair too so cut he go XD

After the hair cut , back to Hubby's home cause he wants to shower .

Meanwhile ...

Geisha XD

I thought Hubby was going to wear this out at first ==

We're going to take part in Battleground .


Off to 1 Utama !

Spot our mouth shape .


After reaching there , we went to look for Neway .

While looking for it , window shop too XD

Hubby keep pulling me when I was about to walk into a shop ==

He said I spend too much so he's trying to stop me from buying anymore .

Found Neway after half an hour ==

But it was full ! o0o

So at last we decided to have our late lunch at Esquire .After lunch , walk around there for a while .

Then , change our location to The Curve .

I love to walk here , but I'm not sure what's it call .

7pm+ went back Kepong to have my dinner .

Waffles + Green apple ice blended .

Then , we went to Wizz as there was no other place to go .

9pm+ home sweet home .

Oh btw , I bought a heels from Padini ;)

As we don't have change for the parking fee , Hubby went to bought this .


Woots ! Holiday holiday holiday !