Friday, April 30

♥ Untitled

An untitled post .

I really do wanna blog about something , but there's nothing I can blog about ==

My life is boreddddddd !

Sometimes I just wish I can do whatever I like .

By then , life won't be so bored already right ?

I do love my school life , but sometimes I don't .

I hate the homework & teachers .

But I love THEM <3

I can't live in class without Ms.Lee , Ms.Tan , Mr.Ng & Mr.Chow .


You all are so proud right x)

I think I should stop here because I'm out of idea about what to write .

Byebye April , Hello May <3

Monday, April 26

♥ 25.04

Weeee ~ finally came to update my blog ;D

25/04 , went to 1U with Hubby .

On the way .

We saw a very nice view there so stop to take some pics :D

Then we went to watch our movie .BEING HUMAN

It was just ok for me .

But Hubby keep laughing throughout the whole show ==

After our movie , shopping time !! :D

Bought about RM500 from Cotton On & TopMan .It was all Hubby's thing , I just bought 2 tops .

I love it a lot anyway XD

After that , we were hungry so we had a very late meal at WongKok .Saw Lanlan & Sky there .

Stupid Sky keep taking ugly pics of me ==!

Fortunately , it has been deleted by mua :D

After eating , back to Hubby's house .

As always , Hubby slept & I cam-whored ;D

After he woke up , catch him to take pics with me :PMore pics to view at my FB :)

Sunday, April 18

♥ A Wonderful Weekend

17/04 , 22 months of us together <3 Keluar sekali lagi dengan suamiku <3

He wanted to eat KFC so we went to bungkus it .
He ate all by himself .

I just ate a piece of nugget & some fries xD

Less talk , showing some pics here .

More pics at my FB :)
Our Son <3

5++pm , I was hungry .

So Hubby go bungkus my favourite salad shrimp for me :D

While waiting in the car .
Suamiku <3
18/04 , PC Fair
Saya Si Kam Mou .
Adik saya si gemuk . Weeeee ~ bought my new cammie <3

Thanks a lot Daddy Pie !

My mum bought my dad a PDA for his Birthday which had been 4 months over ==

Gosh , I love it so much !

Wish to have one too .
My mouse & external hard disk .

Daddy's printer .

My bro also bought quite a lot of things .

Only my mum went home empty handed XD

Obviously she's not a PC fan ! LOL

Thursday, April 15

♥ Moody Me

I'm soooooooooo moody !

It have been like this throughout the whole April .

1st , my lappie .

2nd , my exam scores .

3rd , bla bla bla .

4th , bla bla bla .

I just wish everything could go well like it has always been :'(

When I wanted to find someone to talk to , then only I realised there's no one I can really talk to , including HIM .

April please pass faster please !!

I want back my lovely life :'(


You really irritate me !

Delete me from your friend list ?

So what ?! I still can see what IDIOT things you doing !

But unfortunately , you can't see mine :)

Please just stay out of my sight ! o0o

Ciaos BIATCH <3

Monday, April 12

♥ Dear NSW Sweet 16 Celebration

10/04 Out with Hubby ;]

Fetch me around 1++pm to have our lunch .

Went to eat DimSum .The car has a walkie talkie xDDD

Macam polis use de .

Hahahahaha !

Pics pics & pics !

5pm , went to KFC drive's thru .I Love You <3333333

11/04Ng Siew Wei's Sweet 16 Celebration !! :D

Me , Baby Lee & BouBui E Bought this for her .

Hahahahaha !

Camwhored at Neway toitoi .Groupieee pic .

6++pm , went to Pavilion to meet with friends .

Then the 6 of us accompany BouBui E for her dinner @ WongKok .

7++pm , back to Sg.Wang to take photo stickers .

8++pm , Hubby came to fetch me for our dinner I think so ==

This time , we went to MCD's drive thru xDEnjoy our dinner at the car .

9.30pm , home sweet home <3

Take a look at my bro wearing my shirt !

Hahahahahaha !