Tuesday, October 13

♥ A Crazy Night With Dearsss    

Today Is The Last Day Of PMR .

Wuhoo !! xD

KeTing Decided That 5 Of Us Go For Steamboat .

But Caby Was Not Able To Make It .

So At 7pm Went To Cut Hair With KeTing 1st .

At IMP .

Finally Get To Meet MR.J x)

We Waited For That Snail XianLi Until 8pm .

Then I Decided To Go Little Tree Hv Our Dinner .

Keep 38 At Thr .

Laugh Laugh & Laugh Like Siao Po ==

After That , We Went Cola Club Yam Cha-ing .

And Then Hor , Something Make Me So Nervous .

Mr.J Say Want Cum Find Me Yam Cha .

Gia Gia ==

At 1st I Thought Onli He & 3 or 4 Friends .

At Last Whole Bunch Of IMP Ppl Cum ==

Then Hor , He Cum Chat With Me .

Omg == He So Damn 斯文

Like炎亚伦 xD

10.30pm - Home Sweet Home .

Some Pics We Took Today .

Dun Be Shock With My MakeUp-Free Face ==