Tuesday, September 29

♥ Another Day With Hubby

Today Went Out Wif Hubby ^^

He Came My House To Find Me .

After A While We Went Sg.Wang Together .

Our 1st Stop Is At MCD For Lunch x)

After Lunch , We Went To Take Some Pics .
Just Can Put 2 Of It Here Cuz Others Not Nice =x

Next Stop - TS .

Went Window Shopping .

Promise Myself After PMR Must Take Them Home xD

Especially My Hair Extension!

Later On We Went Auntie Anne's To Hv Our Tea .

After A While Back Home .

1 Week More For PMR ><

Monday, September 21

♥ 心血来潮

今天的我不知怎么了 突然心血来潮想写部落格。

或许也可以顺便舒解我这几天的压力吧 ( :



真是我的妈呀 ==

除了温书我也很努力地在追戏 xD


目前的目标就是可以或得5颗A - BM BC BI SEJ GEO

我一个星期的假期时间都被书占用了 ==

Yam Gong ~



不是因为我忙于读书 而是因为我放弃他了 ==

讲他没用 骂也没用。


拿去读书好过 ==



好想念你们的说 xD


么么 ♥


4am了 ==

Nitesss ♥

Thursday, September 17

♥ 15 Months

Hubby Draw It For Me =)

And Today Is The 15 Months Anniversary Of Me & Hubby .

Love You Till The End ♥

Today Went To Find Hubby Myself ><

Reach Kepong KTM Only Hubby & Blues Come Fetch Me .

Later On Went Back To Hubby's House .

Something Very Unhappy Happened .

That Thing Shocked Me & Made Me Cried .

Luckily Hubby Was By My Side =)

After That Incident , We Ask Blues Come Back To Fetch Us .

Cause I Dun Want Stay In That House Anymore =x

So At Last We Went To Blues House .

Feel Very Sorry To Disturb Him ><

I Know He Is Viewing My Blog x)

After SOT-ing For A While In The Internet He Went To Sleep .

Me & Hubby Eat Our Lunch - Pizza ^^V

After Lunch Sleep ==

6.30pm Reach Home .

Tuesday, September 15

♥ Pressure

Tis Pic Maybe Taken At Jan 03 .

Celebrated My Bday At Supper Club .

I Remember I Was Very Playful Quite Sometime Last Year Dec & This Year Jan .

Keep Hanging Out Late At Night With Hubby & Friends .

Clubing & So On .

But Now 4 Months More Din Hang Out With My Friends Edy ==

So Good Girl Hor .

That's Because PMR Is Around The Corner .

But I'm Not Prepared Yet ~_~

I'm Reli Sked Now .

Pressure From Families .

All My Friends Sure Know What Kind Of Person My Parents Are ==

The Only Thing I'm Sked Of Now Is My Maths .

Mum Is Revising My Maths With Me Almost Evry Weekend Now .

But How Good She Teach I Also Won't Understand .

And No Matter How Hard I Study I Still Can't Get What I Want .

Just Wish GOD Is At My Side .

Gotta Catch Some Sleep Now .

Bye . Nites All ! =)

Friday, September 11

♥ 11.09

Din Went To Skul Today .

All My Dears & Darlings Din Go So I Go For Wad ? ==

And I Also Want To Spend Some Quality Time With Hubby x)

Din Meet Him For A Very Long Time .

Went To His House As Usual =)

When We Sleeping We Open Some Love's Song Too .

Cause Hubby Got A Speaker At His Room .

Sleep Until Half Ask Hubby Off It .

Cause Very Bising .

Cant Sleep ==

Woke Up At 2++

Called Pizza Delivery .

3pm Onli Reach .

So Hungry TT

After Eating Continue Listening Song .

Then I Started Chit-Chating With Hubby .

We Talked About Our Grandpa .

Hubby's Grandpa Very Sayang Him .

But Unfortunately He Gone When Hubby Was 14 =(

And I Cried Too When I Talked About My Grandpa .

But Hubby Hug Me And Say I Still Have Him ^^V

Took These Pic Before Back .

Tomoro Back Kampung Again =)

Sunday, September 6

♥ 阿公 安息吧

终于来更新我部落格了 =)




途中我和弟弟一直哭 =(




我也第一次看到我爸落泪了 =(


现在后悔也来不及了 =x



阿公是不是很帅呢 x)

另外一张阿公抱着我和表哥 =)

阿公 你在全家人的心目中永远都占有一个很重要的位置的。


阿公 你安息吧。