Thursday, September 9

♥ Shopping For Groceries

Sorry for the late post again :(

Well , last Saturday went out with Hubby to do some shopping .

It's not for my cosmetics or boutique , it's for my upcoming BBQ Party :)

Before that , went to Pizza Hut for lunch first .

I very long never go there eat already leh !

After that , intended to go Kepong Jusco for a movie .

Phua Chu Kang The Movie

But Hubby was not a fan of PCK so canceled the plan .

Ish ==!

So I decided to leave Jusco and go to Carrefour for my groceries .

But Hubby said that we should take a look at Jusco's supermarket .

Then I found out that there's really a lot of cheap things there .

Woots woots !

After buying a lots of things then only I realise ...
Saturday Is A No Plactic Bag Day !

But luckily , I've forgotten to bring back the recycle bag Hubby's dad gave me last time , so now it's being useful :)

Take a look at what I've bought .

And a box of mooncake for Hubby's mum .

Sohem me :)I wanted to sit into the baby sit but I'm too fat !


Sohem him :)
Play basketball at the parking lot !

My strong beloved slave :D

Then took Hubby's sis laptop to play webcamiee .

I love this so much :D

Wa ! Slap me ?!

Wa ! Strangle me ?!

Hi I'm so cute :D

Hi I'm so fugly :D

Wa ! Don't always sleep can a not ?!

I don't know what we saw made us like that ==After taking those S pictures Hubby felt hungry .

So he went out to da bao 猪肉粉 while I stayed home playing DDT .

猪肉粉 is back !!He just bought a pack cause he thought that I couldn't finish it .

I tell you I have a bull stomach ah !

So we end up sharing it .

I hate sharing !

Especially foods !

And it's my favourite food !

Since you're my Hubby I forgive you .


Wahhh ~ why am I so sap when typing this post ==

After staying a while at Hubby's house , went to his stall .

Pass the mooncake to aunty and took a watermelon home .It's for my BBQ party too .

Ok peeps , wait for my next post .

It's gonna make you Laugh Out Loud ! :D