Tuesday, June 8

♥ Movie & Brunch

05/06Waited for Hubby for almost an hour !

Reason : He can't wake up ==

After he came and fetch me , he went back home and bath ==

I'm lazy to go down so I waited for him in the car .

12pm , went to fetch Ah Bing & Carmen .

Off to Kepong Jusco .

1.30pm , went for our show .

Once A Gangster .Me & Hubby ranked this show as : BEH SAI LA !

Don't understand what their saying too ==

After the show , 4 of us went to Niji Sushi for our lunch i guess XD

No pics taken there .

5pm , home sweet home to Hubby's house .

06/06Staying at home was bored so invited Hubby for brunch XD

Pizza Hut <3

Back home after our brunch .

Hubby have some errands to run :'(Weee ~ I love my hair <3<3



Our 2nd Anniversary is around the corner .

Planning for a place to celebrate it .

Port Dickson ? Genting ?

I wanna go somewhere different .

Some tips please !!