Friday, September 23

♥ Holidays

Opps, it's been a month since i updated my blog.
I'm not lazy, i just finished my trial exam.
So stress can die -.-

I've finally got my very own smart phone hehehe
Samsung Galaxy SII
Many people was wondering why buy this instead of iPhone.
Don't wanna compare it, but all i can say is i never regret buying this over iPhone :)

Anyway, here to blog about my Raya one week holiday.

28th of August

Went to KLCC with CatherineTan :3
We went there for the purpose of Bookfair but...
We went to Uniqlo and found out our favourite boy band, Big Bang's t-shirt is selling for just RM25!
Original price was RM60 okay -.-
So we bought 2 pieces :3

Later after that, we went outside the park for some camwhore hehe

LenKai reached, we went for our movie.
Final Destination 5

I've always been force by them to watch these kind of horror movie.
Fcuk them hard zZ
That's why i dont wanna give so many stars hahaha!

After the movie, we went out to the park again for pictures.
With LenKai along this time :D
Btw, i love this so much so much :3

LenKai went home around 6pm.
Me & Cat went to the bookfair, for just one hour hahaha!

Rawang Boy :O
Then, something insane came up to our mind.
We decided to walk to Pavilion LOL
We dont wanna go back home so early mah :/
It was so near that CatherineTan keep shouting out of amaze zZ
Kampung come out der la that girl haih

Since we never went to Tokyo Street before, so we went lol
Nothing much there, so we went to Sg Wang for our dinner.
9pm+ Seng came to fetch us and I went for a tea session with him.
10pm+ home sweet home :)

1st of September

Went out with CatherineTan again.
This time, we went to Sg Wang.
Our mission, to get Korean Music Wave tickets!

Omigosh omigosh how excited we were holding that tickets in our hands :3
Most importantly, GD&TOP are comingggggg!
Imagine you can see them live!
Okay, stop! Continue my post.

Went to RedBox @Pavilion for karaoke session.
We've both always wanted to go but no time.
Finally, we can sing our lungs out :)
我还记得陈可婷说我声音很女人 哈哈哈哈

We look good tying our fringe up HAHAHA
Lazy to type, these are some random pictures taken during my holiday.
Tea session beer session and bla bla.

Hello somebody said i look fat here.
Fcuk you noob hahaha!