Friday, January 29

♥ Valentine Around The Corner

Valentine is around the corner :D

Still haven't think of a gift for Hubby .

Many suggested that I should bake for Hubby .

But sorry , I hate going in kitchen XD

Any other suggestion ?

Pure Science suckssssss !

Especially PHYSICS .

I don't understand a damn thing bout it .

And I damn hate my physics teacher .

And damn ! Why did I took this subject in the 1st place ==

Wuarrrrrr !

I'm starting to lose track to my school work .

AddMaths Biology Chemistry Physics etc etc .

I'm paying very good attention at class but I still cant get hold of all this subject .

What to do when exam come ?

What to do when SPM come ?

Somebody HELP me ! T^T

And and and ,

I just lost a friend .

Hmm , maybe some friends aren't meant to be forever .

Especially those who aren't worth to be & doesn't appreciate you .

Hahaha . Am I right ? =)