Saturday, February 26

♥ All's Well End's Well

Hellooooooooooooo readers ! :D

As usual , i'm late again .
Soooo sorry :(
I'm still having my Intervensi Exam haih !!
I don't understand why such a small test need to be held so long .
For goodness sake , 2 & a half weeks ?!
If it weren't for the tips i got , i would go crazy reading the whold syllabus of form4 -.-
But nvm , 2 more papers to go , jiayou oh ! :D

Andandand , notice something ?
Change my way of blogging .
Words on the left :D
Was thinking of putting the pictures on the left too but failed ==!
Stupid blogger !

Okay , back to two weeks ago umm 11/02 ?
Holiday on a Friday ! *oh yeah uh huh oh yeah* :P
I seriously love public holidays hehehe
So went out to TimesSquare with 4 guys O.O
No la , my ahtong also got come just late abit only :)

Erhem , excuse me the camwhore queen is here again hehehe

Reached there around 12pm+
I went to shop alone and the guys went to buy our movie ticket .
Bought a high waist pants & a pair of sandals :D

After an hour+ went to meet them up at the foodcourt .
The first thing BoBo said to me was : it's only been an hour and you've already bought such a lot of things .
Hehehehe girls mahhhh :P

Oh my favourite sizzling yeemee *slurppppp*
After our lunch , strolled around TimesSquare while waiting for YanTong .
And BoBo also needed to buy something for his bag *idk what's that thing called*

The conclusion of our aimlessly strolling : bought another shirt for myself .
Girls mahhhhh ! :P

And then finally , YanTong reached !
As there is still half an hour for our show , we went to the what they called 打机场 to spend our time .
And i found out that , i've got the potential to become a basketball player . HAHAHAHA
LeeHsianLi you mau join tak ? :)

2pm+ let the show begin !
All's Well End's Well 2011
Rate this movie a 4 stars .
Idk why that Catherine say tak bagus lo :/
I love LouisKoooooooooooooooooooooo <3

And Chapman To too hahahaha ! People so cute ah ! ^^

After the movie , they're going back to my house for swimming .
But i'm not going back with them .
My brother will take my place to host them :)
My brother so friend with them liao oh -.-

Wonder where i went ?
Karaoke :DDDDD
Don't know why but felt emo that day so went to sing out loud by myself :)
Done so many solos today hahaha !

But before that , went to shopping again .
And guess what i bought ?
My heels !! *hooray*
I finally found you my baby <3

Karaoke time !
Btw , after an hour singing alone some other friends came to join me :)

8pm+ , meet LenKai they all at Steven Corner for dinner .
After dinner , all of them came to my house to gamble .
Including Angel & Voon . Wooooow

The winner of the day was Voon .
RM30 to RM60 i guess -.-

After the gambling session , went for a tea session with them near Teratai Mewah .
1am , home sweet home ! :)
Come come come , take a look at my heels !!
Remember i mentioned about the heels i wanted so badly from my last few post ?
I finally got it with a cheaper price & not-so-high heels XD

Oh damn i love it so much <3<3<3
March hols is around the corner , my sunway lagoon trip still on ?

Hope so ! *fingers crossed*

Friday, February 18

♥ CNY 2011

Sorry peeps !

Wanted to update my CNY post yesterday , as it was the last day of cny .

But i got caught up with my exam -.-

M A T H S !!

And so now you know why i can only update it today :(

Ok , started my CNY with my red red nails :P


Popo's curry crab (Y)

Badminton during the night LOL

First day of CNY :)

平安顺利 :)

Of course we gambled :P

See how fat & cute i am when i'm small . HAHAHA

This dog ke yi zai cute yi dian :D

That's all for my CNY for 5 days at my hometown .

How about you guys ? ;)