Thursday, November 4

♥ OneUtama Neway


Or maybe 09.10

Whatever laaaaa :)

Midnight tea session with WilberHo & AngelLee .

3 people so kek shui hor -,-

Dou shi TAMPUIKANG hai de !

@Sri Rampai Old Town


Went out with Hubby Pie <3

I was wearing a very old slipper out that day .

He ask me why wear a slipper so old like this come out .

I straight dew9 him said so geng buy a new one for me la ! o0o

Continue my story later . Ngek x)

OneUtama's Neway .

Finish karaoke , we went walking around .

Bought another new shirt from CottonOn :)

Then we had a big fight :/

I was walking randomly around and thought that he was following me from the back .

But no ! He disappeared -,-

I was so angry & furious that time !

Then suddenly i saw him walking back with a Nose plastic bag .

I was like huh ? -,-

Then he said he was sorry and kneel down to help me put on my new shoes .


I cha yi dian want cry liao !! o.o

I ask him why suddenly buy a new shoes for me .

He said he really was following me from behind and he saw me kept looking at my slipper .

He thought i care about how old & spoilt my slipper was so he decided to buy a new one for me .

But i really wasn't eh ==


He fak gai mang ! HAHA

My new shoes . teehee这次我真的被你感动到了 <3

Then we went back to his house .Before going back home , MCD !! :D