Wednesday, September 29

♥ Gals Day Out

Boubuis came to my house in the afternoon .

Angel Angel <3

Then went to Sg.Wang first .

Had Wanton Noodles for our lunch .Tasteless -,-

Anyway after our lunch , went to Watson to buy this for Jordan .He's involved in a car accident and is hurt badly .

But he's fine now .

Thank God :)

After that , we walked to Pavilion's snowflakes .

I'm not a fan of snowflakes so I just sat there and took pictures ;P

As usual , camwhore in the toilet .<3<3<3

Then we started window shopping for a while .

5pm+ when to the hospital to visit Jordan .

Gosh , heart broken :/

He don't look like him anymore .

But the lucky thing is his condition is already stable :)

After finish visiting , RyanCheong & WilberHo came to fetch us for dinner .

Steamboat & BBQ Buffet @Kepong .

9pm+ called Hubby to pick me & Angel up .

Woots ! Bought this couple slipper from Sg.Wang ;)Espanyol & England .

<3After fetching Angel home , 游车河 with Hubby for a while .

10pm+ home sweet home .


Went to Hubby's house to spend time with him :)

Friday, September 24

♥ Sunway & Desa Park City

13.09Went to Sunway with Hubby today :)

Hmm , is he just short or I'm just tall ? LOL
Lunch @MacDonald

Before we started ice skating , Hubby went to play "basketball"

Then in we go to ice skate ice skate :DIce skating tools & accessories .

I'm so cute cause i'm wearing the socks with my heels ;)

叫你帮我绑罢了也要那么不爽吗?哼I'm fantastic ! Clap clap clap !

After 2hours+ there , Hubby was fed up so out we go .

Shopping ! ;PLOL !

Hubby's new shoes .

And then , we decided to go Desa Park City .

Bought some snacks to eat there too .

Then we started to play the facilities there . HAHAWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~ LOL

6pm+ went to karaoke nearby Menjalara .

But snooker first .

SaiPian joined us too .Homosexuals .

Singing all the duet songs inside -,-

9pm+ went to Hubby's stall again !

10pm+ home sweet home .

Actually I'm so tired when typing this post .

Sorry for being so fu him -,-