Monday, August 30

♥ Aussie Baby

Last thursday was the last day of exam .

So after school , went to find Hubby for a chillax ;)

We took away 猪肉粉 for our lunch .

Take away seems to be more big & delicious XD

And also my fav Kit-Kat & Coke .

After lunch , I force Hubby to take out all his childhood photos .


Know why I'm laughing ?

Hubby say he's break dancing in this photo .Sohem ! XD

Overall , he's cute ;)He's not sure this is him or his brother ==

Just showing a bit here .

After that , bath & change .Off to ~ Wizz ==!

Hubby's natural calling .

After that , went to Tesco Kepong .

Hubby was scared that my camera would be snatch by other people so we end up holding hands like that XD

End up buying a bag and some snacks and waffles !

I'm crazy of waffles lately .

Mmmmm ~7pm+ home sweet home .

Next day after school , went to find my lovely cousin .

The Aussie baby !

She has come back from Australia but only for a month ==
Doesn't she look just like me ?

Small eyes & fair skin .


And chocolates from Australia .

After having my dinner with them , Hubby came and find me .
Saying brainless thing to me again ==

I hate you ! o0o