Sunday, July 31

♥ July

2nd of July
Started off my July with a marathon at school.
1Murid 1Sukan worrrr.
15th of July
Steamboat partay at Yiico's house.
Seriously idk most of the people there although they're my schoolmates hahaha.
But i just need to go out and chillax as i was having quite a hard time :
Okay don't talk nonsense dy :p

Happy birthday to you girl :)
17th of July
Edeline jiejie called me out says she wanna gossip with me :O
As i said i was having a hard time so out i went!
The truth is, i was just pure 8 HAHA

Went to BBQ Plaza for Edeline's lunch.
She loves it i like it ;)
Non stop blabbing during the whole meal.
Talking gossips only we both know.
#Awesome feeling :D

Then we went to Pavilion.
First time drinking Starbucks though :O
I don't really had a thing for coffee till now heehee :p8pm, dinner time! Jalan Alor with Kacang & TunLong.

10pm+ home sweet home.

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