Friday, August 26

♥ August Babies

6th of August
Attended Wilber's birthday partay at his new house.
He was born on 8/8/88, how lucky is that? Lol


w/Sin Gege
Didn't took much pict.
Anyway, great to see them again :)
Old times old times lol -.-

After that, 2nd round.
Sunway Giza @The Beer Factory.

Didn't try drinking so much since i went to the club last 2 years -.-
Anyway, 3rd round lol
Tea session with Kacang, TunLong, Elaine, Doyce & his girlf.
4am+ home sweet home.
12th of August
My boy bestie's birthday! :D
The card we made for Bobo.
Guess why am i putting on red lipstick heehee
Kisses for him hahaha!
Prepare to loud your lungs out.
After they turn my house upside down, off we went to WWM.
Decided to celebrate it at The Wok's Kitchen.
Happy birthday Bobo! :)
After having our late dinner & celebration, went for a movie.
Not as funny as i thought it would be :

14th of August
6pm, sudden call from Kacang to accompany him to Sg.Wang.
Help his friend buy CPU wor -.-
Hello lengzai :3

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