Monday, July 12

♥ Hail Spain

Earlier in the morning just now was the World Cup Final of 2010 .

Netherlands vs Spain .

Anybody watched it ?

Well , I woke up at 4am to see the results .

0-0 ==

Until they went into extra time .

Spain 1 Netherlands 0 !

Woots !

I always knew they could do it .

They deserve this :)

See y'all again in 2014 :D

See this guy below ?
He's our classmate .

By our , I mean Me , Lee Hsian Li & Tan Catherine .

But they never spoke to him before except for me !

*applause please*

P/s He doesn't talked to girls so y'all can consider me brave :D

Back to my topic , see this guy below again .
Doesn't they just look so alike ?!

Oh My ShinWoo<3

Hmm ~ really nothing to blog about eh !

Can't wait till Hubby's brithday is over so I can blog all about it .

My life is just so bored huh ?

When will the fun & exciting come ?

Hmm ~ stay tune peeps !