Thursday, September 17

♥ 15 Months

Hubby Draw It For Me =)

And Today Is The 15 Months Anniversary Of Me & Hubby .

Love You Till The End ♥

Today Went To Find Hubby Myself ><

Reach Kepong KTM Only Hubby & Blues Come Fetch Me .

Later On Went Back To Hubby's House .

Something Very Unhappy Happened .

That Thing Shocked Me & Made Me Cried .

Luckily Hubby Was By My Side =)

After That Incident , We Ask Blues Come Back To Fetch Us .

Cause I Dun Want Stay In That House Anymore =x

So At Last We Went To Blues House .

Feel Very Sorry To Disturb Him ><

I Know He Is Viewing My Blog x)

After SOT-ing For A While In The Internet He Went To Sleep .

Me & Hubby Eat Our Lunch - Pizza ^^V

After Lunch Sleep ==

6.30pm Reach Home .