Thursday, August 27

♥ My Thursday

Took Before Out .

When To TS Meet Hubby .

Wanted To Watch '大内密探009'

But The Time Not Suitable ><

So We Went MCD To Have Our Lunch .

After Eating Went Back To Hubby House .

On The Way Back .

Hubby Bought Us Mask =)

Took At Hubby Home .

4pm We Went To Kepong Jusco For Our Movie .

'Laughing Gor之变季'

We Went With Kee , Sky & LanLan .

All Of Us Wear Mask There .

All Takut Mati xD

After Show Back Home .

Back Home - Death Time

My Dad Found Out About Me & Hubby PakToh-ing .

He Saw The Pic I Took With Hubby .

My Mother Said I Too Stupid .

Take A Pic Also Can Let My Dad See So Easily ==

( My Mum Already Knew About Me & Hubby )

But My Dad Din't Scold Me .

But He Din't Talk To Me Also .

这就是所谓的暴风雨前的宁静 =x

Everybody Wish Me Luck TT

Monday, August 24

♥ Another Day

Cut My Hair .

Nice ?

Wυdυ Say Very DakYii x)

Today 'Dam Dai' My Darling XianLi Go BookFair xD

Boring Compare To Last Year .

But Luckily Bought 3 Books & A Bottle Home .

After Staying Thr For 2 Hours Home Sweet Home =)

Relationship With Him These Few Days Is Complicated .

Altough I Say Break Edy But We Still Have Contact .

And He Still Calling Me 'BaoBei'

Friday He's Gonna Bring Me Out .

And I Know That Day I'm Gonna Get Back Together With Him .

La La La & La ==

Wednesday, August 19

♥ I Miss You Badly

I Miss Him Badly .

1 Week Without Meeting Him I Feel Like Dying T_T

And Yesterday I Dreamnt That He Was Being Together With Her .

OMG ==


Scary ~~~

Okay , Exam Finish 2 Days Ago .

My Results Is Back .

I'm Proud Of My English & Suck At My Maths ==

A For English D For Maths .

Others From D,C To B .

Good Improvement For Myself I Think xD

And Bcuz Of My Results I Got RM50 From My Mother .

And Also RM60 Reload Card From My Tuition Teacher .

Yeay For Me ^^V

这是唯一让我努力读书的推动力 xD

And Congratz To My Darling XianLi .

Finally Made Friends With Her *Cutie*

Ngek x)

Friday, August 14

♥ Argh !

我爱我的鼻子 xD



老公 也烦着某某人 =x



他的宝贝老婆永远在他身边支持他 ^^

某某人 ;





我们四朵金花永远都合不到时间一起出的 ==

不是没时间 就是没钱 再不是就要做工 ==


虽然我们每天都在学校见面 xD

还有跟我的Sei Zai Bao约定好了一个月后见面。


有那么一点点想念他地说 xD


期待 x)

Tuesday, August 11

♥ Finally

Without Make Up ==

Today Finally Can Meet Up With Hubby .

After Skul Qstar Come My Hse To Change .

We Wait For The Boys For Abt 1 Hour Only They Arrive ==

Today Hubby Drive Kee's Car To Fetch Me .

He Finally Got His License ^^V

At 2 Something We Went SS2 For Our Lunch .

After That We Went Back Kepong .
Qstar x)

Kee x)

All These Pic Was Capture By Hubby .

Nice Take xD

At Abt 5pm We Went To Kee Hse .

Later On Argue With Hubby Than Back Home ==

Next Week Can't Meet Hubby Agn T_T

Sunday, August 9

♥ What's Holding Us Back ?

Big Problem Between The Both Of Us .

I Duno How To Communicate With You Anymore .

All You Know Is Just Hurting Me .

Make Me Cried Through The Whole Week .

You Promise Me That You Will Less Out After You Start Work .

But You Broke Your Promise .

Just Now I Was Crying Talking On The Phone With You .

My Mum Overheard It .

She Call Me To Sleep & Don't Think Too Much .

But I'm So Confused .

What If She Ask Me What Happen Tomoro ?

What Am I Going To Answer Her ?

Whole Week You Din't Accompany Me .

I Din't Even Complain .

But Whole Week I Can't Take It Anymore .

I Still Have To Continue My Life .

But What Is Holding Me Back ?

I Know I Can Live Without You .

But I Just Can't Let You Go .

1 Year Of Relationship I Can't Let It Go Easily .

Fustrated =x

Friday, August 7

♥ I Will Never Forgive You

I Won't Forgive Her - Lee Hsian Li

We Actually Plan To Go Pizza Hut To Have Our Lunch Today After School .

Me Caby Qstar XianLi Annie Tingz & Yee .

I'm So Looking Forward To It .

But Because She Put Us Aeroplane Made Us All No Mood Go Eat Edy ==

Because We Can't Live Without Her ! xD

So The Rest Of Us Decided To Have Our Lunch Nearby Our Skul .

Char Kuey Teow ==

So "Jit Dor" Hor ~

From Pizza Becum Char Kuey Teow xDD

Blame Her ><

And You All Must Be Weird .

Today Is Friday Why I Din't Go Find My Hubby .

Cause That Sui Lou Started Work Jor Larh xD

This Whole Week Can't Meet Him T_T

Sooooo Miss Him .
Yeah Right !

This Is The Picture Of The Camera I Want To Buy .

Finally Got It's Picture From aLi .

Nice Hor ? x)

Wednesday, August 5

♥ 我向往的

Casio Digital Camera & VAIO Laptop .

暗恋它们很久了 xD



等了那Laptop几个月了 ==

Digital Camera不懂有没有找错图片。

明天问看Darling aLi

Cause She Wants To Buy One Too x)

She's The One Who Talk Me Into It ^^V

Digital Camera我决定选黑色了。

因为其他颜色不美 =x


2个颜色都想买回来 T_T

3.05am了 我要去哦哦了。

大家晚安哦 ^^

Saturday, August 1

♥ 1st Day Of August

Long Or Short Suit Me ?

I Think Long Hair Make Me Look More Mature xD

Back To The Topic .

1st Day Of August .

Time Pass By So Fast .

And It's 2 More Months To My PMR ><

Takutnya ~

At Class Can't Concentrate .

Cause Of My New Neighbour In My Class ==

Miss Lee Hsian Li .

Keep Make Me Laugh .

And That Rich Girl Who Always Go Rebonding Her Hair De .

Miss Catherine .

Asyik Turn Over And 38 With Me ==

Anyway , Always Happy With Them =)

Ok . Today Went Out With Hubby .

Just Went To His House .

When Want Back That Time Fight ==

We Two Betul Betul Gila .

Beh Tahan .

Anyway , Miss Him ♥

Nice ?
Me & Mummy's Leg .

Mummy Bought It For Herself .

She Say She Won't Let Me Wear .

Cause I Will Break It & Make The Shoes Bigger ==

I Know My Legs Are Big ><

2 Size Bigger Than Her ==
Capture This Pic Last Few Days .

There Was A Temple On Fire Juz Near My House .

So Scary ><

Hope Nobody Was Injured =)