Monday, August 2

♥ La Comedie Humaine


Went to his<3 house after school .
Intended to go out with him<3 .

But we got into a very huge arguement .

Now you know why my Hubby changed to Him XD


But I know everything will be fine :)

Carmen & Bing encourage us to out so out we go .

Food court in Kepong for our brunch .

2pm , reached Kepong Jusco just in time for our show .

La Comedie Humaine .
This show can really make you LAUGH OUT LOUD throughout the whole time !

And of course , I'm the one who laughed the loudest among the four of us XD

After our movie , chillax at PappaRich .
After that , went to find Kee to have a hair cut again .

And , it's FOC ;P
After the hair cut , we intended to go Desa Park City , but it was raining :(

So we changed our destiny to - WIZZ ==!

After that , we went to his<3 stall .

Aunty gave us a taste of the mangoes from Palastin .

Banyak sweet ! (Y)

Then , we went to bungkus KFC .

I was hungry :(

Yummy ~~~
After sending Bing & Carmen back , we went to bungkus for my grandmother .

8pm , home sweet home .