Monday, October 19

♥ 19.10

Today Went To TS Wif Hubby .

Those Pictures Took Before I Went Out .

Hubby Arrived My Hse At 10++

I Made Him Wait Quite Long xD

We Went To TS At 11++

We Went To Eat At The Foodcourt Thr .

Later , We Wanted To See Movies .

But Hubby Said He Want To Sing K .

So We Went To Neway .

They Said 2.15 Only Got Room .

So , We Spent Those 1 and a Half Hour Hours Shopping .

I Bought A Pair Of SunGlasses , EyeLiner & A Pair Of Shoes .

Happy Enuf For Me =)

2.15pm , Back To Neway .

Sing Sing Sing & Sing Until I Went Home xD

Here's Some Pics We Took ^^

News News News !

My Old Msn Hotmail Can't Use Edy .

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