Tuesday, September 15

♥ Pressure

Tis Pic Maybe Taken At Jan 03 .

Celebrated My Bday At Supper Club .

I Remember I Was Very Playful Quite Sometime Last Year Dec & This Year Jan .

Keep Hanging Out Late At Night With Hubby & Friends .

Clubing & So On .

But Now 4 Months More Din Hang Out With My Friends Edy ==

So Good Girl Hor .

That's Because PMR Is Around The Corner .

But I'm Not Prepared Yet ~_~

I'm Reli Sked Now .

Pressure From Families .

All My Friends Sure Know What Kind Of Person My Parents Are ==

The Only Thing I'm Sked Of Now Is My Maths .

Mum Is Revising My Maths With Me Almost Evry Weekend Now .

But How Good She Teach I Also Won't Understand .

And No Matter How Hard I Study I Still Can't Get What I Want .

Just Wish GOD Is At My Side .

Gotta Catch Some Sleep Now .

Bye . Nites All ! =)