Tuesday, January 26

♥ Sick

Bought from Pavilion S&J C:


School day o0o

Hava a date with Hubby after school .

But Hubby fall sick so our date canceled ><

And I kept complaining to him .

I know I'm a unconsidered GF =(

But I cant help it .

I have a bad temper , but I know my Dear Hubby will bare with me C:

Time for me to get sick ==

Isit Fate with Hubby ? xD

Have a headache & cough at first , so I tot it's no big deal .

6pm , Hubby suddenly called me to ask me out .

I miss him too much so i agreed xD

Hubby was still feeling sick that day so AhPian drove us .

After fetching Lip , we went to metro prima for our dinner .AhPian & Lip

After eating , we went to Kepong PM .
It's hot & crowded there ==

9.30pm , back to wizz .

Boys dota , me duduk tengok ==
10.30pm , beh tahan jor .

Felt more & more sick , so went back home .

Din't went to school today .

Lie in bed the whole day .

Suffering @@

Hubby kept calling me every 2-3 hours to check up on me .

Thanks Hubby for the care C:


Went to see the Doc early in the morning .

The Doc said I have cough , sorethroat , flu & fever ==

macam H1N1 saje XD

My medicines .

My MC .

The Doc actually give me 26.01 - 27.01

But since I'm the 1st patient that day so he gave me 25.01 - 27.01

Anyway , I'm goin back to school tmr =)

Scare my Boubui's & Dar's will miss me xDDD