Sunday, January 3

♥ My 16th Birthday Celebration Bash


Celebrate my Sweet 16th with BouBui E & W today ;D

12pm , we depart from my house to .

Have our lunch at T.bowl .

The food there not bad , but the service kinda sucks ==

Then , we went to took photo stickers .

Took 2 booth , but only took pics from 1 booth xD

Bout 4pm , we went to Pavilion .

BouBui's belanja me to Baskin Robin's for ice-cream .

Thanks BouBui !! =D

Unfortunately , all the pics from thr were accidently deleted by BouBui E ==

SamTong-ing TT

Nvm , continue ~

After having ice-cream , we went to toilet for some capturing ;D

BouBui W

BouBui E

After awhile at Pavilion , we took taxi back to Prima .

Di dalam taxi .
6.30pm , i went for a haircut at IMP .

Then , steamboat time ;D
Opps !

Din't took any pic there . xD

8.30pm , Cola Club .

Lazy To Type , Pics ~

Birthday Girl x)


Mayo Tham xD


Ben & Apollo

Ben's Car .

11pm , home sweet home .

Today went to Midvalley with family .

See what i brought back from the pic above =P

Somemore , me & Hubby's Couple Tee .

4pm , went back home .

Time to say By-Bye to my hair colour TT

Before & After .

I think still have some colour left .

Hope my disiplin teacher got rabun mata ba xD

Reopen skul , need gambateh for Form 4 jor ! =P