Friday, May 6

♥ In a month time

Hello hello hello!
My dear readers, miss me? :)
I know i haven't been updating my blog for a month already.
Forgive me pretty please? :p

Hmm, not many things happen lar actually.
And i'm having my mid-term examination now.
Why do i choose this time to update?
There's something called guailan ;)
Ok here we go!

I'm officially a 'probationary' driver now.
Was so nervous and thought i would fail but i passed smoothly :D
Don't bully me on the road i tell you!
Hehe just kidding, i'm a very courteous driver oh teehee :p

I still remember the first time i drove my dad's car.
I asked: what if we died in a tragic accident?
Of course, my dad was speechless -.-

Watched two movies during the month too.
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Sweet daoooooo!
Seriously love LouisKoo but too bad he's quite a philanderer in the movie :/
And Daniel Wu is just so cuteeeee!
Mwaks both of them ya! ♥
And don't forget about Gao YuanYuan.
Awesome & pretty (Y)

The Roommate
★★★Leighton Meester! ♥
Some of you guys knew she was Blair Waldorf in GossipGirl right?
She looks prettier in GG though o.o
Btw, expected this movie to be scary and excited.
But ughh, boringggg!

During this month, i've met the love of my life.
My babyboy ♥
Take a look at him.
Simply gorgeous!
And this is our first pict together.
hahaha macam yes oh sherilynhow
Babyboy i'll always love you ya mwak mwak ♥

And we've finally took pictures for our school magazine.
The ones that boleh free post der haha

My gang at school :)
The three of us ♥
My Angel ♥
Tong ♥
Class teacher :)
5S3 boys
5S3 girls
吹水王 ♥
ChiBai ♥ hahahah
SzeFey, bobo's girl :)
BFFs ♥
Voon, 5S3 dai lou hahah
And it's also my beloved mum's birthday on the 2nd of May :)My next post is coming very soon, be patient ya! :D