Tuesday, October 11

♥ Korean Music Wave 2011

Here to update my blog that i wanted to update long long time ago.
SPM student mah, sure busy a bit de lo :3

Anyway, here to update about Korean Music Wave 2011 that was held 2 weeks ago .__.
The very first concert i went so i was kinda excited heehee
Woke up pretty early in the morning to get myself Korean-dressed.
Purposely curled my hair for this concert somemore hahaha!

Straight or curl suits me more? :p
Firstly went to TimeSquare with Cat.
Main reason was to buy present for my baby :3

Random pics :)

Weeeee :3

We reached Stadium Merdeka around 4pm+
And it's already so crowded.

Rock Zone. Wo envy ni men TT
7pm, let's rock the partayyyyy! ;)
Two local artists came out first doing the beatbox lol

Then FTisland!!!
Loving HongKi & JaeJin :3
Secondly, Teen Top.
Spotted a very good looking guy inside named ChunJi heehee
Next is the only girl band that came that night.
4MinuteAll of them look so pretty & gorgeous than on the TV.
Especially Hyuna ♥.♥

Then there's U-Kiss
Kevin's sooooooo handsome :3
Next, Park Jung Min the hotty ♥.♥
Then then then, SeungRi from BigBang :3
He's so cuteeeeee ;)
Last but not least, the main reason i came to this concert.
Dang dang dang dang....
GD&TOP!!! ♥♥♥♥
They brought heat to the whole concert.
Everyone was jumping and singing along with them including me & Cat lmao

After the concert ended, something amazing happen!
Me & Cat and the other fans were waiting till they came out from their tent and guess what?
They came out and wave to us my goshhhhhhhhhhh
Ok nvm, then their car passed by and we were just standing beside it!
Wth that distance oh really oh aiyo i don't know how to describe!
Me & Cat was so excited can die -.-

Ahhhhhhhh my heart's still beating you know TT
But dreams over.
Reality is SPM's around the corner and if i still don't buckle up i'm going to lose track and die.

HAHAHA ok off to study byebye :*