Sunday, October 3

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Mooncake Festival Day .

Didn't went to play lantern or eat mooncake .

Just ramdom outing with my friends & Hubby ;)

Ok , went for a tea session with Angel & Wilber @Station1 .WilberHo suka lanyeng .

After an hour+ there , Hubby came to fetch me .

Went to Shell to buy some titbits first .

Then Hubby brought me to Sri Gombak's MCD for supper :D

When he walk down from the car only i realise he was wearing this .HAHAHAHAHAHA ! LMAO !


11pm home sweet home :)


Went to Hubby's house as usual after school .

3pm+ Hubby brought me to the dentist .

After my check up , KFC :D

Ok , some sohem pics is coming up .

Don't laugh please ! ROFL !

Memang tarak image liao -,-

Okay peeps , wait for my next post again ;)