Thursday, July 29

♥ Dear Shelly's Sweet 18 Celebration


It's Dear Shelly's Sweet 18 Celebration :D

Let's take a look at the birthday girl first .

So , after tuition Hubby came to fetch me .

Then we went to have our dinner .

Around 8pm+ , we went to fetch Boubui E .

While waiting for her to get ready , camwhored in the car .

After she is ready , off to Hubby's stall .

We intended to go Kepong Jusco but at last we went to somewhere nearby for dinner .

Actually its Boubui's dinner XD

After her dinner , back to Hubby's stall .

It's too bored so we camwhored again .

Until 10pm+ only Kee and the others arrive .

Then luenshui in their car XD

She's driving !!

After that , we went back to Hubby's house to wait for him & his brother to change and etc .

The three white cars .

We reached there almost 12am ==

Some of them had even went back already.

Ok , pictures again :)

Btw , this is our birthday present for her :)

And this is from TunLong .

Papasunehssss ! LOL

My A Ting Ting <3

Miss her so muchieee .

1.30am , home sweet home .

Wishing Dear Shelly Happy Birthday again :D
And sorry for going late :x

Monday, July 26

♥ Kepong Tesco

Weee ~ I'm finally back on line ;)

House connection problem last few days .

Really bored sei me lo ~

Was suppose to update this post on Sunday but I guess y'all knew what happen -,-

Ok , continue about my Thursday .

Hubby came to fetch me after school .

Before that , something bad happened at school .

Readers , if you wannna know what happen , go take a look at my Baby L or Dear C's blog :)

Opps ~ out of topic again :x

Ok , went back to Hubby's house first .

Then change .

Decided to go Pizza Hut again :D

After our lunch , Hubby went to Wizz to pinjam toilet .


Then , dota o0o

After 1 hour of dota-ing , we decided to go to Kepong Tecso for a look .

Its newly open .

On the way .

Jalan jalan cari makan .

Went to Popular bookstore first .

In the commercial board , they said that there would be discount for books .

But when I went there , it was just a few of them having discounts ==

And my lovely novels aren't one of them :'(

After buying some stationery and a belt , we went to the supermarket .

Finally bought the bolster :DYou all can ignore me :)

Me & Hubby's favourite <3

Before going back , went to buy my favourite green apple ice blended + jelly .

Unfortunately , I have forgotten to post it up again ==

Nvm , you all can take a look at my facebook ;)

Finally , our 战力品

Next post , Shelly's 18th Birthday Bash .