Friday, November 6

♥ 3 Of My Days


Today Hubby Came To Find Me .

He Wanted To Gv Me Something Important .

Shhhh xD

He Wanted To Bungkus MCD For Me , But The Taxi Guy Wont Let Him Stop ==

So We Went Prima 乜都有 For Lunch .

Hubby Also Help Me To Take Out All The Onion From My Fried Rice .

Thx Hubby x)

After Eating , Hubby Walk Me Back Home .

He Stayed A While And Went Back At 5pm .

Cant Meet Hubby In A Very Long Time Edy ><

He Juz Started His New Work .

Argh ><

05/11Today Went Pav , Sg.Wang & TS With Jessie Ng .

My Long Time No Meet Babe xD

Our 1st Stop Is Pavilion , Dragon-I .

Had Our Lunch There .

My 如来佛掌 xD After Lunch , We Went To Toilet To Capture Some Pic .

Outside Pav .
Later , Sg.Wang .

I Bought A Dress Thr And Spoted Many Cute Guys xD

Last Stop , TS - Nichii .

We Tried Some Dress There .

Picss ~ I Already Got The Blue Gown .

Bought It By My Mum A Week Ago .

Just Tried It On For Fun x)

After A While , We Went Back Prima .

Went Duno Wad The Place Name Is For A Cup Of Green Tea . 6.30pm Home Sweet Home .

06/11Hang Out With BouBui Edeline Today .

We Went To Prima For Our Lunch .

Caby & Annie Join Us Too =)

After Lunch , Went To IMP For A Haircut .

Guess Who Serve Me xD

Later , We Went To Pavilion .

Only 1 Pic To Offer .

Cause I Was In A Bad Shape xDAfter Pavilion , Sg.Wang & TS xD

We Din't Bring Enuf Cash So We Plan To Go Next Week Again To Complete Our Shopping xD

6pm , Home Sweet Home =)