Tuesday, March 1

♥ My March Wish

Hey peeps , it's the first day of March :)
New month new hairstyle , went to the saloon to perm my hair .
Tadaa !! My hair is offcially curled now :D

Ok enough joking , i didn't perm it hehe
If the saloon really perm that for me , i would kill them .
Permed it on my own , and i know the results sucks :P

放心,我会再接再励的 :)

But i really did went for a haircut today .
Nor fringe short liao hahaha

And i'm so excited to say that , my 2 and a half weeks exam is over ! :D
No more like this already (Y)

But i know i know , SPM isn't over yet zzZ
I still need to study & do revision everyday .
I wanna get 5 credits for my Trial Exam so badly .
I wanna get into Taylor's College .
I wanna go to Australia to further my studies .
I wanna be a Pharmacist .
I wanna be Mrs. rich&handsomeguywife .
I want this i want that !

Enough nonsense SherilynHow continue your post !

Ok peeps , getset , ready......
Wait , haters kindly please press the ESC button on the left hand side of your keyboard thankiu :)
Ok here we go .

I hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you so much you asshole !
Idk why God put you into my life .
To make my life miserable ?
To ruin my life ?

Well unfortunately to tell you , you failed .
I've moved on .
I'm happy now .
I'm not head over heels in love with you anymore .
So screw you asshole !

I admit i still get mad & hate you sometimes .
It's because of all the shity problems you left behind for me .
And now hell yea i'm trying to solve this problem .
I know i can solve it easily but it will hurt other person's feelings too .
I don't like to do that .
I don't wanna be a bad person .
I know i & her aren't good friends anymore , but still....

It's all because of you !!!
Your bad reputation made everyone dislike you .
And because i , stupid enough to take your side , argued with them .
And now , conflicts conflicts conflicts .

I know i know , i'm unreasonable .
I can't put all the blame on you .
But if it wasn't because of you , nothing of this would happen .
My life would still be perfect .

Regret ?
Half yes half no .
I regret arguing with them because of your fucked up attitude that i didn't know that time .
I regret losing my dignity to ask you to come back to me .

But i never regret you breaking us up .
You both aren't my future :)

But at least i & him are now friends .
Me & you ? Heck no !

And i wanted to tell you so long ago .
I've stopped stalking your fb long long long time ago .
When ? After you deleted him from you profile :)
I'm not like you , banyak pattern .

And last but not least , you have NO RIGHT to ask me to delete my blog !
Understand asshole ? :)

Ok , sorry readers for being so... erm rude ?
But i need to express my feelings so badly .
And my blog is the only place i can say what i want .
Forgive me and i promise this asshole will never appear on my blog anymore :)

Wait for my next post kay ? :P