Monday, March 8

♥ Boubui E's Sweet 17 Celebration

Yesterday , went out with Hubby first .

Went to Kepong Jusco .

Pick up the tickets for our show first .


1 hour before the show start , went to have lunch at Red Door .

Hubby's 椰酱牛肉饭

My 滑蛋河Our show starts at 2.30pm .

It was a stupid but yet hilarious show ;D

4++pm , back to Hubby's house .

Cam-whored !! :)Rocker !!! XDDD

5++pm , Tunlong came to fetch me to Pavilion .

Gotta meet my Boubui's there .

We're celebrating Boubui E's Sweet 17 :)

Around 6 , we went to Jogoya for dinner .

Took many pics there .

More pics uploaded at Facebook :)

10pm , Boubui E's bro fetch us to Kepong .

Wanna find my Hubby mah x)

11++pm , Hubby's friend fetch me home .