Thursday, August 27

♥ My Thursday

Took Before Out .

When To TS Meet Hubby .

Wanted To Watch '大内密探009'

But The Time Not Suitable ><

So We Went MCD To Have Our Lunch .

After Eating Went Back To Hubby House .

On The Way Back .

Hubby Bought Us Mask =)

Took At Hubby Home .

4pm We Went To Kepong Jusco For Our Movie .

'Laughing Gor之变季'

We Went With Kee , Sky & LanLan .

All Of Us Wear Mask There .

All Takut Mati xD

After Show Back Home .

Back Home - Death Time

My Dad Found Out About Me & Hubby PakToh-ing .

He Saw The Pic I Took With Hubby .

My Mother Said I Too Stupid .

Take A Pic Also Can Let My Dad See So Easily ==

( My Mum Already Knew About Me & Hubby )

But My Dad Din't Scold Me .

But He Din't Talk To Me Also .

这就是所谓的暴风雨前的宁静 =x

Everybody Wish Me Luck TT