Friday, January 29

♥ Valentine Around The Corner

Valentine is around the corner :D

Still haven't think of a gift for Hubby .

Many suggested that I should bake for Hubby .

But sorry , I hate going in kitchen XD

Any other suggestion ?

Pure Science suckssssss !

Especially PHYSICS .

I don't understand a damn thing bout it .

And I damn hate my physics teacher .

And damn ! Why did I took this subject in the 1st place ==

Wuarrrrrr !

I'm starting to lose track to my school work .

AddMaths Biology Chemistry Physics etc etc .

I'm paying very good attention at class but I still cant get hold of all this subject .

What to do when exam come ?

What to do when SPM come ?

Somebody HELP me ! T^T

And and and ,

I just lost a friend .

Hmm , maybe some friends aren't meant to be forever .

Especially those who aren't worth to be & doesn't appreciate you .

Hahaha . Am I right ? =)

Tuesday, January 26

♥ Sick

Bought from Pavilion S&J C:


School day o0o

Hava a date with Hubby after school .

But Hubby fall sick so our date canceled ><

And I kept complaining to him .

I know I'm a unconsidered GF =(

But I cant help it .

I have a bad temper , but I know my Dear Hubby will bare with me C:

Time for me to get sick ==

Isit Fate with Hubby ? xD

Have a headache & cough at first , so I tot it's no big deal .

6pm , Hubby suddenly called me to ask me out .

I miss him too much so i agreed xD

Hubby was still feeling sick that day so AhPian drove us .

After fetching Lip , we went to metro prima for our dinner .AhPian & Lip

After eating , we went to Kepong PM .
It's hot & crowded there ==

9.30pm , back to wizz .

Boys dota , me duduk tengok ==
10.30pm , beh tahan jor .

Felt more & more sick , so went back home .

Din't went to school today .

Lie in bed the whole day .

Suffering @@

Hubby kept calling me every 2-3 hours to check up on me .

Thanks Hubby for the care C:


Went to see the Doc early in the morning .

The Doc said I have cough , sorethroat , flu & fever ==

macam H1N1 saje XD

My medicines .

My MC .

The Doc actually give me 26.01 - 27.01

But since I'm the 1st patient that day so he gave me 25.01 - 27.01

Anyway , I'm goin back to school tmr =)

Scare my Boubui's & Dar's will miss me xDDD

Monday, January 18

♥ Happy Birthday to My Daddy & Dear Qian

Begin this post on 16/01Went out with Dear Hubby again ;D

But it wasn't a very pleasant day for us .

When we wanted to have lunch at PizzaHut , Hubby's car 爆胎 ==

Argh !!

But , luckily the Lim's Tayar Shop was just opposite PizzaHut .

So , we went to eat our lunch while they repair Hubby's car xD

Wasted my 2 hours ==

So , din't took any pics today .

17/01 , Dear Qian Big Day .
Went to Pavilion for the celebration .

Had a movie .
The Spy Next Door .

Thumbs up !

After the movie , we went loitering around XD

Some pics we took .
Dear HsinJie =)

Jimmy See & Dear Qian

Bout 5pm , we went to Dargon-i for an early dinner .

Happy Sweet 16 Meemee Jie xD

7++pm , we went outside Pavilion to take some pics .

10.30pm , home sweet home .

18/01 , Beloved Daddy Big Day . My present to him =)

Went to have lunch at Capsquare .


My school life's getting more & more annoying ==

Homework piling up like mountain ==

My messy room xD

Monday, January 11

♥ I Hate School

I'm here to complain bout SMJK CHONG HWA o0o

I dint return a RM4 literature book .

Today , i went to return it and they charged me RM30 for late fees .


Why dont you all go rob the bank ?!

And for the Stupid SPBT member .

Dont so Lanc pls , you're not suitable for it .

And you have no right to be Lanc with me .


And and and , some teachers in my class are so brainless ==

Wish I could fly away with my 2 Dar's xDD

Lastly , I Hate Essays o0o

And , I'm in need of tuition !

Any intros please ?

Sunday, January 10

♥ I Love Y'all

Out again yesterday ! ;D

Went to eat DimSum with Hubby @ Kepong .

Dulan-ing !

Don't have my Salad Shrimp ==

Anyway , 2++pm back to Hubby's House .

Help Hubby dye his hair .

Golden Brown , i think so xD

Process-ing ~

Tadaa !

The colour wasn't as bright as Hubby wanted .

But , I love it x)

Us with Couple tee .

Hubby's dog posing xD

Blues & Hubby
Blues x)

Me x)

Lastly , want thanks to my Boubui's & Dar's .

Thanks for giving me a Happy Birthday :)

I Love Y'all !

Tuesday, January 5

♥ Happy Birthday To Me

Don't quite know how to write this post xD

Bout 11.30pm yesterday , Hubby came :D

Along with him was Sky , Blues & KarSin .

They gave me a surprise by jumping out from a car .


Then they sing the birthday song to me ,

While Hubby holding a cake towards me xD

I was very paiseh-ingggg .

After blowing the cake , they gave me & Hubby our privacy time .

12am , Hubby wished me Happy Birthday & gave me a kiss x)
12.30am , balik rumah ~~

Pics for the night xD

My Secret Recipe Cake

Look a bit 惨不忍睹 xD

My Presents

Thanks Hubby , Sky , Blues & KarSin for the night .


Before I forget , Hubby still owe me a meal ! xD