Tuesday, June 29

♥ Mua Weekend

Firstly , please allow me to write about my simple Saturday first :)

Boubui E came my home at 8am !!

Gosh -,-

Then both of us continue to have our sleep at the same bed ;D

11+am , woke up and prepared .

Webcamieeee :DKilim ask me who farted in this pic . LOL !

12+pm , Hubby came .

Fetch Boubui E to DK then Selayang to send Bing home .

Then , Hubby brought me to Selayang Mall's Italian Cone Pizza .
Gave it a 3 stars only .

It wasn't that tasty .

Pizza Hut is always my 1st choice :D

Then , I & Hubby argued .

Wanna know why ?

Cause he spilled my pepsi !

And he promised me to buy KFC for me but didn't !

:'( :'(

But a few hours later , he finally can't stand me so he brought me to buy my KFC :)

Weeee ~ ILY <3

Hmm , not many pics taken because iI forgot to bring my camera out .

Sorry readers :(

The next day , Titiwangsa Day with my lovely classmates :D

The reason we went there was just to take some pictures for our Moral Project .

The guys .

Semua macam yes !Fantastic Bombastik :D

Then , it's time for our groupie pic !

Cat & Me

Samurai Loke ! Hahaha

This pic really make me laugh 99 !

The ugliest pic I have ever took !
Me & Cat's failure :(

10am , left them and went to church :)

That's all for my weekend .

Saturday - Hari Terbuka !!

Wednesday, June 23

♥ The Last 3 Days Of My Holiday


12am , got an unexpected call from Hubby .

He said he is at my condo and told me to look down searching for him .

Woots ! I saw him !

Quickly ran down to find him with my pyjamas on XD

Weeeee ~

I have miss him so so much after my trip to Johor & Singapore .

But the purpose he came wasn't because he miss me la -.-

He was teaching his friend the way to Gombak only .

So , came to find me lo :)

But just met him for only a while cause his friend want to go back early :(


Went out with my family .

Went to Rawang then to Kepong Jusco .

After reaching Kepong Jusco , called Hubby to pick me up from there .

Hubby haven't ate his lunch so we went to buy KFC first .

Then , home sweet home to Hubby's house .

Two of us were so tired .

Slept after eating .

We slept seperately ==

By the time we woke up only we knew one slept up one slept below .


Pics .

Night , after having dinner with family , went for a bike ride .

Lee Hsian Li & Tan Catherine , I'm sporty !! :D


Happy Fathers Day !

Just had a simple brunch with daddy .

Dy , thanks for your consideration all the time .

Althought you're very strict to me sometimes but I know that you still love me .

And I love you too :D

Happy Fathers Day to you !

Nor , this is the boy who always view my blog .

I know he would be very happy to see his picture here .

Hehehe XD

Can't wait for this Saturday !

Hubby's gonna bring me to eat Pizza Cone & 刨冰 :D

Sunday, June 20

♥ My Johor & Singapore Trip

Ok , lets talk about my trip to Johor & Singapore for 3 days 2 night .

1st day , went to Johor .

Nothing much to say also .
Have our dinner at this place .

Nice place :D

2nd day , sat a bus to Singapore .

P/S It's me & Hubby's 2nd anniversary ! <3

We intended to go to Universal Studios .

But ...... The tickets were sold out !All of us were so disappointed !

Especially me & my bro .

So , my mum decided to bring us go to Sentosa instead .

Pics .

Skyride .

Luge .Weee , my cute daddy <3

Fatty bro .

Went to play this too .After 2 hours being there .

We have nothing to do so we went back to Universal Studios entrance .

Suddenly , a travel agent came up to us and say he have few extra tickets to go in .

Me & my bro were so excited !

But we have to pay extra :(

So , my mum bought the tickets from him .

Tickets for the 4 of us worth RM680 ==

Anyway , pics here :D

Gossip girls ? XD


Have our dinner here .

Bought a T-shirt there .

The other 1 is a free gift ;)

More pics can be viewed in my facebook :)

Btw , for me Australia's Dream World & Movie World is better than Universal Studios .

3rd day , back to KL .

No pics is taken .