Wednesday, December 30

♥ Sunway Shopping Day

Yesterday , when Sunway with Dear Qian , JM & HX .

Reach there about 12pm .

Finding food -,-

Finally we went to eat porridge xD

Mm cuo mm cuo .

Then , started shopping .

My Dear brought RM500 , siao eh ==

Shop Shop Shop ~

I bought a top & a sling bag .

4pm , mummy fetch me to subang to visit my aunt .

Get cash$$ again x)

10pm , home sweet home .

Pics for the day

Wish everyone a Happy New Year here ;D

Sunday, December 27

♥ Dream Coming True

My W705 .

Thx Daddy =D

And My VAIO , Have To Wait Till Next Week TT

Ngo Dang Mm Cit Lahhhhh ~

Ok , Gonna Talk Abt Recenly Things Abt My Life .


All Of Them Are Proud Of Me .

Gave Me Wad I Wanted All Along .

Phone , Laptop & Cash$$ xD

I'm Not Bragging Ok ==

Just Feel Lucky To Have A Family Like Them .

Haha xD


His Family Is Proud Of Me Too x)

Finally Prove To His Mum & Dad That I Can ! =P

Hmm , Think Abt It .

I & Hubby Din Argue For A Long Time Edy .

Good Thing Lei Geh xD

And , I Noe Wad Hubby Bought For My Bday Present Edy .

Something Worth RM180 & Something I Need .

Ahhhhh ~ Y You Want Treat Me So Gud ==

Promise I Wil Love You Forever Dear Hubby =)

Birthday Countdown 9 Days .

Thursday, December 24

♥ 7A's On My Result Paper

7A's 1B

B For Chinese .

WTF ==

Nvm , I'm Still Satisfied With My Greds =)

At Least I Prove Myself To SOMEBODY

Nenenibubu ;P

Say Anything You Want Abt Me .


Btw , Im Gonna Get My W705 & Sony VAOI CW Series Soon =D

Thanks To My Beloved Dad & Mum .

After Taking My Results , When To Hv Lunch Wif Them .

Dear Qian , Dear HJ , JM , HX , Hwa EE & Ron

Long Time Din Meet Up With Them .

But Still , We Had A Fun Time Together x)

Love Em' Lots !

Today's Christmas Eve .

Hubby & I Stayed At Home -,-

Coz His Bro Need To Use The Car .

So , I Punished Hubby To Buy Me Loads Of Chocolate For My X-mas Present xD

Hohoho , Merry Christmas Evryone ! =D

Wednesday, December 23

♥ Wangsa Walk Mall

Went Out Wif Dear Qian Today =)

Mami Fetch Me To Her Hse In The Morning .

Found Tis Cute Pillows In Her Room x)

Took Some Pic At Her Hse Too .

12.30pm , Hsin Jie's Mum Ftech Us To Wangsa Walk .

Her Mum Was Friendly =)

We Was Looking All Over The Mall For Food .

But Thr's Ntg Nice To Eat Thr TT

Finally We Found A Place .

Forgot It's Name xD

This Thing SUCKS !

After Eating , Of Coz We Went Shopping x)

Random Pics .

We Both Bought Shoes , Nail Polish & Make Ups =)

Then , We Went To Roti Boy For Our Tea .
Yummy =P

After That , We Went For An Eye Check .

I Wanted To Check My Eye Power For My New Lens .

Random Pics .

At Last , We Went Toilet For Some pics .

5.30pm , Went Bec To Dear's Hse .

Dadi Came To Fetch Me Bec At 7pm .

PMR Results Is Nearer Time To Time TT

Saturday, December 19

♥ Stupid Goverment

Yeappp ! Went Out With Hubby Today (:

Came And Fetch Me As Usual After Finish His Work .

We Went To Kepong To Hv Our Lunch .

Found A Dim Sum Restoran .

Ate My Fav Salad Shrimp :P

We Both Eat Till Very Full .

Stomach Want Burst Jor -_-

Then Went Hubby's Hse .

5.30pm , TunLong Gor Fetch Me Bec .

Picss At Hubby's Hse =D

Idiot Malaysia Gov !!

Whr Got Ppl Gv Results Out At X-mas Eve !

Babiiiiii ><

If You All Dun Like X-mas Dun Try To Ruin Ours !

I Wanna Go Out With Hubby At X-mas Eve Night Ahhhhhh ><

♥ Thailand Trip

1st Day Of Bangkok
Brother Slping On The Way To Airport XD

Reach Bangkok At 1pm .

After Cheking In To The Hotel , We Sat Tuk-Tuk To The Mall .

Tuk Tuk *

We Went Shopping The Whole Day .

Bought 2 T-Shirts For Hubby Too (:

2nd Day Of Bangkok
Wake Up At 6.30am To Hv Breakfast .

7.30am , Ready For Our Boat Trip (:

Pretty Mum At The Pier ;D

Dad & Bro On The Boat x)

Then , We Went To Snake Garden .

Daddy Wif The Snake .

Snake Show .

Abt 11am , We Went For A Tour To 2 Jewellery & 1 Taylor Shop .

Took Outside A Jewellery Shop .
At Night , Shopping Agn XD

Took Some Pic Outside The Mall .

3rd Day Of Bangkok
We Went To The Sleeping Buddha Temple For A Visit .

Picss (:

Then We Went Jewellery Shop Agn .

Mum Bought A Ring For Herself & A Bracelet For Grandma ;D

The Marble Temple .
The Grand Palace .
At Night , We Went To Suan Lom Night Bazzar For Dinner & Shopping (:

1st Day Of Phuket

From Bangkok Fly To Phuket .

Reach Thr In The Evening .

2nd Day Of Phuket
Went To The Beach In The Morning .

At 12pm , We Sat A Speedboat To Kai Nui Island .
On The Boat .

After Having Our Lunch , We Went Snorkeling In The Middle Of The Sea .

My Bro Saw A Jelly Fish ==

Pics At Kai Nui Island .

Reach Back The Hotel At 6pm .

At Night Went Shopping With Mum .

Made This Bracelet .

The Pink Rice Has My Name On It .
The Blue Rice Has Hubby's Name On It .

Pic Not Clear ><
3rd Day Of Phuket

Went To Swim In The Morning .

Reach KL In The Evening .

Miss My Hubby Lotss !

Tmr Goin Out With Him (: