Sunday, January 2

♥ Christmas Countdown Celebration

Hello peeps !

I know it's already 2011 but my post are still during the 2010 -.-

Sorry for the delay yea :/

The last few days of 2010 was a disaster so i haven't have the time & energy to update my blog .

Forgive me & keep following me kay ? :P


Went for a Pre-SPM workshop @Segi Universiti CollegeI slept more than hearing what the lecturer was saying -.-


Went to listen for undang :)

It isn't as bored as what other people say .

And the good news is , i passed my undang test with flying colours :P


Tea session with AngelLee <3

Christmas Eve !!

Went for an eye check-up with my mum first .

Then went to Carrefour to meet up JessieNg & JM .

After shopping for our groceries , back to Jessie's house .

Help her mum to prepare for the party at night .


My snowman so cute :P



HJ <3

Prepare to ROFLMAO !Do i look like a ghost ? :D

Sorry for these sohem pictures hahaha !

Okok , continue ;)


Jessie <3

Exchanging presents time !! :)

Groupie pictures .

1am , home sweet home :)

Whatever you did in 2010 , it has already happened .

You have learned , and make 2011 better than 2010 :D