Saturday, December 12

♥ Away

My Blog Cant Type Chinese Edy !! ><

Duno Wad Happen .

Dulan-ing !!

Back To Topic , Today Went To Hubby's Hse .

Without Makeup , Without Lens .

So Hv To Take Pic's Covering My Face xD

I Noe My Eyes Veryyyyyyy Small -_-

And Hor , Felt My Hair Colour More & More Bright .

Dun Feel Lyk Dye-ing Back To Black When Skul Reopens ><

Ok , Back To Topic Agn xD

1pm , Hubby Came To Fetch Me .

Went Back To His Hse And Called Pizza .

My Favourite x)

After Eating , We Slept A While .

Coz We Both Juz Hv 6 Hours Of Sleep @@

6pm , Home Sweet Home .

Here Are Some 38 Pics -_-

Hubby's Wallet .

Guess Who's In There xD

Force Hubby To Act Cute :P

Hubby's Muscle .

The Right Side Looks So Digusting ==

The Left Side Looks Nice & Fit xD

Away-ing To Thailand Tomorrow .

6 Days 5 Nights .

Will Miss Him & My Dears Soooooo Much .

I Will Sure Bring Souvenir Back (: