Sunday, August 9

♥ What's Holding Us Back ?

Big Problem Between The Both Of Us .

I Duno How To Communicate With You Anymore .

All You Know Is Just Hurting Me .

Make Me Cried Through The Whole Week .

You Promise Me That You Will Less Out After You Start Work .

But You Broke Your Promise .

Just Now I Was Crying Talking On The Phone With You .

My Mum Overheard It .

She Call Me To Sleep & Don't Think Too Much .

But I'm So Confused .

What If She Ask Me What Happen Tomoro ?

What Am I Going To Answer Her ?

Whole Week You Din't Accompany Me .

I Din't Even Complain .

But Whole Week I Can't Take It Anymore .

I Still Have To Continue My Life .

But What Is Holding Me Back ?

I Know I Can Live Without You .

But I Just Can't Let You Go .

1 Year Of Relationship I Can't Let It Go Easily .

Fustrated =x