Sunday, April 18

♥ A Wonderful Weekend

17/04 , 22 months of us together <3 Keluar sekali lagi dengan suamiku <3

He wanted to eat KFC so we went to bungkus it .
He ate all by himself .

I just ate a piece of nugget & some fries xD

Less talk , showing some pics here .

More pics at my FB :)
Our Son <3

5++pm , I was hungry .

So Hubby go bungkus my favourite salad shrimp for me :D

While waiting in the car .
Suamiku <3
18/04 , PC Fair
Saya Si Kam Mou .
Adik saya si gemuk . Weeeee ~ bought my new cammie <3

Thanks a lot Daddy Pie !

My mum bought my dad a PDA for his Birthday which had been 4 months over ==

Gosh , I love it so much !

Wish to have one too .
My mouse & external hard disk .

Daddy's printer .

My bro also bought quite a lot of things .

Only my mum went home empty handed XD

Obviously she's not a PC fan ! LOL