Monday, February 8

♥ Boring Life

06/07 Saturday school day ><

After school , went to Hubby house although I'm tired tired tired !

Wanted to have a nap at his house .

But my lens are too dry and make me uncomfortable .

So , when Hubby was sleeping , I cam-whored ;D

His house mirror is so un-clear ==

Have nothing to write about that day .

Boring ~~~


My bro went to his friend bday party .

Me & mum went to a short-shopping at Sogo while waiting for him .

Cam-whored session before going out ;D

My new lens , Honey Wing .

In the car .
Mummy =)

My bro don't let me take his pic ==

Finally XD

In the fitting room .

Just bought a short jeans & a t-shirt .

9pm , home sweet home :D

My life's getting more & more bored TT

Everyday doing the same thing .

And , I'm lack of sleep .

Eye bags are slowly crawling below my eyes -,-

This year , no Valentine celebration for me TT TT TT

It's so unlucky that Valentine Day crash with CNY .

Wuarrrrrrrrr TT TT TT

And and and ! Somebody keep stepping on my tail !

It's soooooo annoying !

I hate you more & more by day .

Ishhhhhh ><

收皮吧你! o0o