Saturday, March 27

♥ A Lovely Dinner With Hubby

Have an unexpected call from Hubby during tuition .

He said to bring me for dinner after tuition .

Without any hesitating , I accepted his date ;D

8pm , we went to Little Tree for dinner .

My meal :D
Hubby din't ordered any , he ate before he came .

9++pm , home sweet home .

I love you Hubby Pie ! <3

This this ! See this !Isn't she cute ?

I love my baby so much <3

Ahahahaha !

Wednesday, March 24

♥ A Stupid Post

I have come to update my blog today .

Because Ms Angella Ng said I long time no update dy ==

I have nothing to post , so just show some pics WE took today XD

Today 2 siao po came my house to eat MCD .

Then as usual , 38 38 .

I love the way we are and I love them <3


Went to a waterpark in kuantan with mua family .

My bro xD

And , we end up in a sun-burn ==This is mine , not so bad .

But look at my brother's XDDDSuckling Pig ! xD

End of my post . Stupid right ?

Thursday, March 18

♥ 钢牙妹

Finally put on my braces today .

It wasn't pain when the dentist put it on .

But after a few hour , ouchhhhhhhh ! ><

I'm in agony ! TT

So , how is it ?

Look nice on me ? XDDD

Hubby & Mummy said it's cute .

Ewwwwwwwww :/

I think they are just trying to persuade me huh ?

Well , I'm heading to Kuantan tomorrow .

Then to my hometown for an early Cheng Beng .

Ciaos guys ! <3

Wednesday, March 17

♥ 21 Months

Out again with Dear Hubby :D

And , guess what ?

It's our 21 months together ! Weeeeee ~ :)

3 more months to our 2 years anniversary .

Thinking thinking & thinking of a way to celebrate it :/

Anyway , stay at Hubby's house all day long today .

Our lunch , tadaaaa ~

2 days of pizza for a week is enough , so NO PIZZA for today ;D

Camwhore time .
He has such lush hair XD

But I'm not jealous , cause mine is not bad too !

Hahahahahaha XD (just ignore me) :D

Well , at about 8pm KH came to fetch us for dinner .

KS joined us too .

A place called D'Fortune .

I din't ate anything there cause I hate western food ==

(except for fish & chips XD)

9.30pm , home sweet home .

Braces on me tomorrow ! :'(

Sunday, March 14

♥ New Blog Skin

Hi peeps ! :D

Notice anything ?

Yeap ! I've changed my blog skin cause Ms.Jeevana said my blogskin has never change in ages XD

So with the help of Ms.Lee Hsian Li , tadaaaaa !

Due to the change of it , all my link list are lost .

If I haven't link you , feel free to comment me .

And sorry for all the inconvenience :/

Next , holidays are finally here ! :)

But unfortunately , my holidays are going to use up by studying .

My school exams are just after the holiday .

What a bummer ! :/

But anyway , I'm out of cash & Hubby's working so no hanging out for me after all .

Enjoy your holiday guys :D

Ciaos <3

Monday, March 8

♥ Boubui E's Sweet 17 Celebration

Yesterday , went out with Hubby first .

Went to Kepong Jusco .

Pick up the tickets for our show first .


1 hour before the show start , went to have lunch at Red Door .

Hubby's 椰酱牛肉饭

My 滑蛋河Our show starts at 2.30pm .

It was a stupid but yet hilarious show ;D

4++pm , back to Hubby's house .

Cam-whored !! :)Rocker !!! XDDD

5++pm , Tunlong came to fetch me to Pavilion .

Gotta meet my Boubui's there .

We're celebrating Boubui E's Sweet 17 :)

Around 6 , we went to Jogoya for dinner .

Took many pics there .

More pics uploaded at Facebook :)

10pm , Boubui E's bro fetch us to Kepong .

Wanna find my Hubby mah x)

11++pm , Hubby's friend fetch me home .