Sunday, July 31

♥ July

2nd of July
Started off my July with a marathon at school.
1Murid 1Sukan worrrr.
15th of July
Steamboat partay at Yiico's house.
Seriously idk most of the people there although they're my schoolmates hahaha.
But i just need to go out and chillax as i was having quite a hard time :
Okay don't talk nonsense dy :p

Happy birthday to you girl :)
17th of July
Edeline jiejie called me out says she wanna gossip with me :O
As i said i was having a hard time so out i went!
The truth is, i was just pure 8 HAHA

Went to BBQ Plaza for Edeline's lunch.
She loves it i like it ;)
Non stop blabbing during the whole meal.
Talking gossips only we both know.
#Awesome feeling :D

Then we went to Pavilion.
First time drinking Starbucks though :O
I don't really had a thing for coffee till now heehee :p8pm, dinner time! Jalan Alor with Kacang & TunLong.

10pm+ home sweet home.

Saturday, July 16

♥ Outings!

9th of June
The second day back from Aussie, Edeline jiejie called me out to 'wet' hahah
Since it's still holiday, so i agreed :)

The first time trying out 'petpetgai' fringe.
Macam mana? :p
Btw, it's been a very long time since i put on my fake eyelashes.
Just a simple eyeliner.
The simpler the better :D

Went shopping & desserting with Yiico at Pavilion first.
Edeline jiejie is always the latest one.
Biasa dah -.-
Picts :)
Two tops each from Topshop & Cotton On.
Boh bian, got offer :

After shopping for 2 hours, dinner at BarBQ Plaza with Edeline.
Better than the first time i ate :p
Nomnom (Y)

After dinner, walk around gossip bla bla camwhore and whatever we girls do :)11pm+ home sweet home.

19th of June
Third weekend of June, mean it's Father's Day! :D
Went out to have lunch with my family.
Hello daddy :*Wait what? Faster call uncle la! zZ

Uncle your daughter banyak suka camwhore oh :3
Idk why my brother so yong sui zZ

After lunch, went shopping with them for awhile.
Idk why when i'm with my parents i've nothing to shop.
But when i'm alone i wanna buy every damn thing -.-

3pm+ Kacang came to fetch me to Kepong Jusco for movie session.
It's been a long time since you guys met him? HeeheeWe're very very very good friends now :)
No misunderstanding kay? :p

Green Lantern★★★
Didn't really caught my attention :

After the movie, went to Kepong's pm.
It's been sucha long long time since the last time i went there.
In fact, i'm going there almost every week now.
Boh bian again, their taiwan sausage & egg tarts there are just lovely! :p

I drove there everytime i had the chance hahah.
Auto car memang best (Y)
11pm home sweet home :)

Friday, July 1

♥ Aussie Trip II

I'm here to update my 2nd post about my Aussie trip :)
Sorry it took sucha long time, blogger got prob la!

Okay back to topic.

5th of June
Favourite part of my trip!
Went to Mount Buller.
Snowwwww ♥

For people like us who live in Malaysia, it's quite excited when we saw it lol
"Omgosh i finally can see how real snow looks like!" that kind of feeling hahah
Btw, it was -2 degree there -.-


After playing in the snow, a hot bath is a must! :p
6th of June
Early the next morning, our car became like this hahah
The sweet old couple :D
Snow angel hahah
Angie the snowman! :p
That's what Isabel calls him or her? :S
That afternoon, off to Healesville.
Went to visit the wild life there :)
Sohem koala sleeping -.-
To sum up, BORING!

7th of June
Went for a train ride.
Puffing Billy! *chut chut chut*

Aunt & Uncle :)
We wanted to go to the lake side for duck feeding, but then it was raining.
What a bummer :S

Anyway, we went to Philip Island.
Idk what is this, cow?
Amaze n' Things.
All about physics concept inside lol
This is how i look when i fall from a 3 storey high slide :)
Near evening, went to Penguin Island to watch the penguin.Waiting for the penguin to swim up shore after a long day playing inside the sea.
No photography are allowed tsk :

8th of June
Byebye Aussie TT

Btw, these are the things i bought there.
A t-shirt & a necklace :)